The company was originally founded in 1986.
It is situated in Frechen near the beautiful west of Cologne.
The CEO was employed until the middle of 1999 on top of the IT department at 
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH&Co.KG in Cologne.

History :
With a technical background and a solid base-knowledge the CEO was employed since 1980 in the computer centre of R&S. Successful pioneering ended in the complete takeover of the IT responsibility at the support centre in Cologne. Since 1995 he was additional responsible for the complete PABX equipment and from 1996 ( -1998) he was temporary responsible for the complete purchasing; until 1999 a lot of projects finished successfully.

From 1986 the CEO work on a temporary base at the Arabian peninsula. This fortuitous contact  developed itself by the years and up to this time some jobs during the last 34 years has finished successfully..

Together with the GFU, Kiefer + Partner a lot of new projects are waiting in Germany and all over the world. 

Since the powerful victory of the PC's the CEO covers the complete range of DOS / WIN / NT / Mainframes / office products and supports industrial customers and government organisations.

Address :  (Germany)
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 46            D-50226 Frechen                 EU VAT-No.: DE123561002
Phone: + 49 2234 966 96 0           Fax: + 49 2234 966 96 29        

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