from 21.01.2018   Acted as an intermediary and supporter for manufacturers on behalf of customers
from 13.08.2013   unable to work
2013   Projektmanager, Middle East, steel mill
2009/10   IT-Service management (large German It provider, A-brand customer)
2007/8   IT-Project management (large German It provider) 280 SAP nodes, worldwide
2006/7   IT-Service management (large German It provider), UK Customer
2005/6   HW/SW Change, Project management and Training, Germany/Libya
2005   Training system manager OSD in Libya
2005   PM Support GSM/UMTS Toolset
2005   Migration OSD III to OSD V
2004   LAN/WAN integration OSD in Libya
2003   Proposal support international consulting company
2001/2   Project management (large German IT provider)
1999/2000   Migration (training, installation and implementation) BS2000 OSD III in Libya
1999   Migration of a PPS(ERP) System  from BS2000 to NT-Enterprise-Cluster
1999   De-central electronic form's on HP laser printers
1998   CTI Fax in-/out solution upon Lotus NOTES
1997   Netware 4.x migration for 200 users
1996   Programming of NOTES applications
1995   Implementation of Lotus-NOTES (Server & 200 clients)
1995   Netware 3.x implementation and network consolidation
1995   Corporate network with Least-Cost-Routing and billing
1993   Low-cost SNMP network management
1992   Workshop and training in Libya
1992   Foreign laser printer at the BS2000 channel with electronic form
1989   Coupling BS2000 office communication with Telex/Fax solution
1988   HICOM administration and billing
1988   BS2000 Dialog Monitor and MultiDialog presentation layer
1987   Successful implementation of a PPS (ERP) System on BS2000 mainframe
1987   Rough concept HW/SW-migration Bank, Arabian Peninsula
1986/7   System maintenance und -optimization in Saudi-Arabia
1986   Training MTEXT/Oase (Office communication upon mainframes)
1985   System generation and -optimization at a mechanical engineering company
1985   CC-automatisation towards "ZERO-OPERATING"

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